Sound Barrier

With its sound barrier performance of 65dB(+), this concrete block of 8’’ in thickness is seven time superior than a standard 8’’concrete block.

The objective was asked to me by a consultant of Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2007. He had a goal for his partition walls to be raised in single concrete block walls and not by a double thickness or layer walls. Now these partition walls would separate the rooms of hotels being under construction, with the objective of having an 8’’ in thickness not more and resulting 65dB sound barrier as their performance.

Why was this asked to me? Because at that present time I had an exclusive right on a product to be used as an underlayment sound barrier to be blocking noise from passing through the floors of the building. So I’ve engage myself, in proceeding with a test using this floor underlayment product of mine, by inserting it between the concrete block after having cut it in half on its total length. Why this? Because 99% of all building constructions of Dubai are constructed of concrete blocks.

Its then with the Emcon LLC Company, a production plant of concrete block in Dubai, that we’ve agreed to develop the first block having as a sound barrier performance of 65dB(+). Now following an investment of $10.000.00 US, the primary test has been effectuated with their financial help and the use of their human resources. The first wall of this new block has been raised and tested. The objective achieved, there were only two other technical points to solve, the way to attach this composite block, as well as its production cost.

At the same time that I’d have to raise this concrete block wall to be tested, the manager of the company Emcon LLC. Was then proceeding with a market study to figure out the business potential for Dubai only. At same time they have proceeded in evaluating at which cost this block needed to be retailed at, for it to be at an affordable cost to penetrate the market easily.

There was a new challenge now being added to the two others previously, their production cost & method of attachment, with out reducing its performance of 65dB as sound barrier.

At that time the R&D was brought back to Quebec city, Canada, this by the inventor, Mr Andre Cossette from Cossette Concrete. There he pushed foward his multiple testings, to finally arrive today with it's products concepts revealed as these multiple or various 65dB(+) sound barrier, thermal, structural, architectural, resistent to earthquake & tornados composite concrete and/or granit and/or stone blocks.