Thermal performances, R15 and more.

3 various Thermal options, as of Roxul, Semi-Rigid Fiber Glass or Empty Void for a Sprayed-in Insulation Foam, which this one would rate as per the highest energy efficiency on the market today as per this unique thickness.

Initially, to gain extra dB in performance to its sound barrier, a thermal membrane was to be installed in the concrete block. It was previewed to insert in the void space between the two blades of concrete of my concrete block, the75 % of rigid fiber glass. Today we proceed rather for a fiber rock named (ROXUL). The reason is simple, the thermal membrane product named as Roxul, is water proof, rotten proof, anti-bacterial & noncombustible, which under direct contact to flames of fire, it will not produce any chemical smoke or toxic smoke, if there were to be a fire to the buildings. It will totally stay intact; video is available on Roxul company web-site.

The above thermal product named Roxul, which is inserted in the concrete block, its bringing savings into the energy cost for chilling or heating buildings, the fact that it’s done out of volcanic stones, it’s a certified LEED product. It’s a product which saves lives, plus all other benefits.

The reason for the thermal performance of R15 and more, is in fact because if you are going to build your house with walls of blocks to be thicker than 8’’ in thickness, as in fact for the exterior walls of the building for example, the thermal performance will be increased above R15. Since each additional inch in thickness to the 8’’ blocks, will add R5 additional performance and more, so for example the 9’’ thick blocks will equal R20 and 10’’ thick blocks will perform as R25….

If the choice was then to proceed with the blown in spray foam in the void of Cossette Concrete blocks. Each additional inches in thermal (R) would rather increse by 7. So for example, an 8" block holding 4" void would total a R28, with as mention R7 to each extra inches in thickness which Cossette Concrete blocks having possibly 6" void would total to R42.