Structural: earthquakes & Tornados Resistant


It’s known that concrete can resist between 2,000 pounds and up to 8,000 pounds per square inch of surface, so in this case our 8’’ 65dB sound barrier composite concrete block; it could easily resist pressures of 200,000 pounds/ block. Now just imagine the house for example being built with these blocks, interior wall as exterior walls, these would allow to support the upper floors made of concrete, up to a total of an additional hounded floors or stories in height, for commercial buildings as example.


Earthquake & Tornado Resistant.

You may have notice that it’s possible to web the two concrete blades of the walls being raised with these composite blocks, this with steel rods of ½’’ in diameter. To armor the structure, which brings the construction of those buildings to be indestructible to a very high level in resistance, as never seen before? The second basic, would be to glue with epoxy adhesive or other specific concrete construction glue, all layers of 65dB composite blocks  by placing these ½’’steel rods in between while applying the special glue, withholding in between these blocks the steel iron web, then creating a cage. It’s even possible with these steel rods to have them weld to their horizontal & vertical intersection, making it extremely unsplitable by any earthquakes or even tornados. The magnitude test resistance has to come soon, since its plan that we will create a building in a lab, which will perform an earthquake test to this product once assemble as a building onto a moving platform.