Cossette Concrete Incorporation is dedicated to only serve our Prestigious Products as viewed here in, family product of various sizes, types & needs. They are going to procure to the elements of construction a design of prestige never seen before.

Now each of these blocks is by choice a composite concrete and or granite and or stone blocks. They are Architectural with elegant colors & designs, making these products attractive by all means & purposes which architects and designers will want to let their creations inspirer.

Now the standard concrete block is well known to be colored as grey basically, but with a composite block made of two separate concrete blades mounted together, this allows the product to have architectural design such as rock, stones, granite, marble, a smooth face or either exploded face or of any desired colored of your choice. You will notice that the block is assembled, as of a sandwich, which I will name as composite block, due to the fact that it has several elements to its construction, concrete, roxul, attachment belt of fiber glass tape and or plastic cross ties, which holds the total together as example, which creates a simple rectangular block element.

The next goal is to produce our own automated assembling or mounting machine, which will make the final product to be shaped as a standard single size block. Another element which could make the product interesting is its possibility to give it a high class finish design by modifying its finish face with style, as laminating some stone rock, granite and even marble to it. This technic has for purpose to reduce the cost of finish granite walls, since the laminated marble or granite would be of only 1/8’’ in thickness added to either one face or two faces of the block, which would create as a finish wall to the building, like if it seems the wall was made of complete stones or granite or marble, but in fact it would be laminated concrete block walls.

Last important fact about the way to build the walls, is by using glue or epoxy instead of mortar normally used. This would allow any individual to build by themselves their own homes, if they have certain Knowledge to get into some major projects.