Cossette Concrete is totally dedicated to partner with concrete plants around the world under license agreements to assure its product concept be distributed by all means to construction sites which have selected to purchase our various familly products, once these have been specified by consultants-engineers, architects, designers. Or simply requested by Real-Estate developers and or owners.

Our distribution net-work will be with companies which have desire in our product family line. To reach the widest territories as possible, because of the ability to our product to serve all purposes and needs into this construction block market world today. Again licenses under agreements are going to bind with Cossette Concrete Inc, with mutual commitments.


Mr. Andre Cossette, CEO

Cossette Concrete Inc.
Tél : (581) 777-2319
1185, rue Philippe-Paradis bureau 200
Québec (Qc), Canada
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