R&D- intellectual properties - patent pending
Our composite blocks of various sizes and optional insulations are 65 dB (+) Sound Barrier, Thermal, Structural, Architectural, And Resistant to Earthquakes & Tornados. These products have been filed for patents. They are ongoing evaluation at present time, by Intellectual Property Offices. All products are patent pending at this moment.


Products in assembly or plastic cross ties
Mr. Andre Cossette and partners have thoroughly been evaluating the prior processes which have been filed priory, but with confidence they all believe anonymously that they are on the track for a patent issuing in several fields of their patents requests, for these family blocks options proposed today.


The market for such a product range family is enormous; since the block market worldwide is in the billions of dollars and the products proposed here in, are the only products which have so wide range of options in their composition and use. By its purpose, its need, its designs and its various thicknesses & various compositions, which allows to place our family products, either inside buildings, or outside, as wall curtains for the buildings in construction projects of all kind.


The block products proposed here in are various in basic sizes; also they have the possibilities of various thermal options such as Roxul insulation or Semi-Rigid Fiberglass Boards or with Empty Void for possibilities of Sprayed in Insulation Foams. This last insulation method could be inside each block at first or injected into the wall voids once wall is erected. Note that this spayed in insulation will be the one procuring the highest energy efficiencies in the market today.

The purposes of the proposed products are for either Sound Barriers of certain levels starting at 65dB and more, according to the block thicknesses.

Also the various thermal options as mentioned before, they will be upon budgets or needs. If we look at the characteristics of this insulation by Roxul, it's a product which will not burn or emanate any toxic gases when burnt or heated. It's a product which is totally water proof, doesn’t decompose or developed fungous. It will help slightly to create the Sound Barrier. And its semi rigidness will helps to ease the working process when erecting with our products, walls where a couple of block which would need for example some extraction of insulation for the passage of plumbing pipes or electrical wires or cables or other elements.

When using the Semi Rigid Fiberglass as of thermal mean in our products. These have thermal evaluation such as Roxul products, which ranges in about 4.2 (R) per inches. This fiberglass is less expensive, but has not gotten higher resistance to fire such as the Roxul.

Semi-Rigid Fiberglass has not gotten this water proof or anti-fungous properties such as Roxul products. So its cost will be less into this specific products family of ours.
For the options of the blown-in insulation, thermally they are standing in ranges of 7.2 (R) perinches, but evaluations have to be done regarding fungous resistance & fire resistance. This is one stage we are at now, in our R&D.
The manufacturing is basically simple, since the production of the concrete blades to be used as of composite concrete blocks assembling as proposed by Cossette Concrete Incorporation, with its various sizes of mounting by its patent pending plastic attaches. These concrete blades will be molded by conventional concrete plants manufacturers. Licenser will have to purchase our machineries to allow them to be able to prepare and produce the blades of concrete and or granite and or stones to a specified sizein either design, to allow mounting further on, with our special plastic attaches.

Only in some purposes will there be a designed characteristic added to create for example the slut on both sides of concrete blades initially. Which then these concrete blades will be processed to be cut to precise heights & lengths, making sure the sluts or groove of these blades are cut to their needed dept. to receive rebar such as our mechanical rebar, for the structural purpose of strengthening the walls as per a web steel net.

This process will be repeated towards colored or plain concrete and or granites and or stones blades which composes the 65 dB Sound Barrier, thermal, structural, architectural, resistant to earthquakes and tornados, upon choices.
The materials used to deliver our blocks are well preselected to assure high quality standards to our end products. There is Concrete and or Granite and or Stone. To these is the added precut Roxul and or Semi Rigid Fiberglass or nothing if to be an end product block which has an empty void in between these parallel blades of concrete…this allowing for a blown in insulation spray.
These prepared blades of pre-selected material as of concrete or others, will end up being mounted in parallel with the insulations trapped in-between them. Once these Cossette Concrete attaches made of a special plastic are fastened to complete these composite blocks assembly by concrete plant manufacturers or independent licensee, which will have engaged themselves to be licensees of our end product as proposed here in.


Cossette Concrete is totally dedicated to partner with concrete plants around the world under license agreements to assure its product concept be distributed by all means to construction sites which have selected to purchase our various family products, once these have been specified by consultants-engineers, architects, designers or simply requested by Real-Estate developers and or owners-developers..


Our distribution net-work will be with companies which have desire in our product family line. To reach the widest territories as possible, because of the ability to our product to serve all purposes and needs into this construction block market worldwide today. Again licensees under agreements are going to bind with Cossette Concrete Inc., with mutual commitments.


Our clients are those commercially active into these fields, such as construction consultant’s firms, engineers, architects, designers, real-estate developers, owner’s developers such as branded hotels around the world andconcrete plants which do have product of theirs, whichwould want to add up Cossette Concrete 65 dB Sound Barrier family products to them. General Contractors might have some ability to go with our products to.


Priority markets & territories
They cover mostly these countries such as MENA areas, since mostly they are big consumers of concrete for their building constructions. But America is a good territory too. For the fact that our products are cost efficient to erect buildings, this will have to be educated to our consumers. Thereexist concrete constructions in good parts of America. Any company which desires to affiliate itself with Cossette Concrete Inc. will be considered seriously, since the fact that the simple machineries designed and used by us are affordable to all sizes of concrete plant companies.


Durability and sustainability are basic advantages which our products will procure to construction projects of any kind. The cost efficiency is another important reason to purchase our concept product. The end result which these prestigious composite blocks will procure to the architectural look of the constructions is their mean of colors& designs as arrangements. Whatmakes the top quality of the granite as a stone is the fact that they have higher compression capabilities than concrete in all, since nature has fashioned them to the highest density by natural chain process in the pass millions of years. Their wide and unique variety in colors will give the structures their characteristic of their own.


Leed product
This product 65 (+) Sound Barrier, Thermal, Structural, Architectural, Resistant to Earthquakes & Tornados Composite Block is easily familial for a LEED product. They’re product of nature in all, when looking at their compositions, the blades of granite, stone and insulation such as the Roxul or semi rigid fiberglass insulation, as well their plastic attaches. Our end product will procure high energy efficiency and energy saving to the owners of the buildings with their reduction in electricity, which will gain the major producers of electricity.


Energy efficiency
These complete families of our products are energy saving in total, when looking attheir complete process to be produced. Considering that this product is a heavy product to move around, as for long distance highway moving it twill need to be produced as close as to where itwill be erected as an for an ending construction project. This will clearly indicate less energy consummation and less pollution, greener product.


These blocks are certainly clean to the environment, since they are product delivered by the environment, considering their elements such as Roxul, Aggregates, Granit, and Stones…


Cost efficient products
The methods of construction with our family products are cost efficient, since they are constituted of natural products and of minimal products. Once construction started they are replacing a wide variety of products normally used to build for example wooden structures like in many parts of the world. Having the capability to use these blocks to erect the buildings as per the exterior walls and interior walls, this reduces the need also if we look into the insulation facture which is part of the blocks, or blown-in if the case is as per sprayed foam. These blocks will reduce the higher cost of construction during and after which owners have to face in their projects constructions.


Prestigious products
Cossette Concrete Incorporation is dedicated to only serve our Prestigious Products as viewed here in, family products of various sizes, types & needs. They are going to procure to the elements of construction a design of prestige never seen before.

Let their creativity be inspired.

By Cossette Concrete Products.


Press release

For their train of extraordinary attributes, we are impatient to use in Dubai once the financial crisis  in country is pass, and eventually in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the concrete construction blocks 65dB of this Quebecer André Cossette and Philippine, Lyhieryl Pedutim Demegillo.

Until then, we are supposed to put at execution this fall in city of Levis, a construction, of four city house complex made of 10 000 of these blocks. This under expertise & overview by Engineer Mr. Paul Biron of society of study and research ERL. And architect Henri Belanger of Quebec.

« The whole assembling will be of four town houses, at two steps of this Davis Maritime Site, each with a green roof top » which limit to say Andre Cossette.

In fact, the block, patented, is highly sound barrier (acoustical). A 65 decibel (dB) of defense or sound barrier. By any other mean, it is totally noncombustible, since compose of concrete, fiber rock Roxul, (constituted of waste of volcanic rock) slightly compressed and steel rods. As well, the fiber is absolutely unaffected by humidity and water. One or the other cannot, eventually, damage.

By any other mean, it is a reliable insulation. Its value of thermal resistance is of (R) 15 minimum, but can reach (R) 45, corresponding then to the recommendations (R24, 5) of Quebec, Canada energetic efficiency agency, them equal to Novo climate.

At same time, it is extremely holder and structural. Without any technical limit base on how many floors to rise. Because the concrete in which it is covered, can we say, support up to 200,000 pounds of load/per unit block.



In revenge, we can in the homes, hotel establishments or buildings of multiple residential- commercial complexes, raise some walls. But at certain conditions.

« Not only will they be sound barrier, but also structural. They can give to areas surrounding and to great openness without structural columns » underlines Andre Cossette, inventor, end of years 90’s, of the industrialize cordless caulking gun Ace Gun for shooting without fatigue some « scaling joints ». This tool today sold by Milwaukee Electric Tools Corporation.

The concrete block of the Quebecer Andre Cossette at 65 (+) decibels of sound barrier and non-combustible.

By any other mean, a membrane of fiber glass, crisscrossing treads diagonally, covers, on all four « hidden sides », the heart of the block which is stuffed with fiber. Not only, it contain (confines) the insolated material, but reunites and stabilizes the powerful blades of concrete, from part to other. They are anchored to the ground by mean of steel rods of (1/2 in) which rises in group and fortifies the assembling work. Head side and tale side.
So then composed, explaining, the blocks are of nature to mock themselves of the earthquakes. Because they can get loose hips under the effects of lateral waves produced by the shaking, while the double web of steel in the walls will «solidify» and keep them captives.

SOUND BARRIER (acoustic)

In other side, for acoustical purpose of apartments or of hotel rooms, pleads Andre Cossette, the walls of blocks 65 dB have no siblings. By their simplicity, their autonomy and their functionality, they put to failure (knock out) the installment of any other system, all counts done complex and expensive, of sound barrier.
In accordance, for example, of a wall sheeting (Gypsum Board) on blades of wood giving air space, of acoustical fiber mat-las, of resilientbares and a couple of thicknesses of gypesum boards.
For the envelope of the building, it’s the same, because laminated on exterior sides with granite, stone, marble or other, the blocks gives to buildings their beauty and, doing then, contributes to the reduction of cost of finish walls. The whole being ready to install without finishing working task especially.
Inside it’s a finishing of gypsum boards. The air chamber which give to, by necessity, will locking the mechanical elements such as the electrical wires, theelectrical outlets, as turn off/on switches and plug in. Otherwise fines Andre Cossette, we can satisfy ourselves of one layer coating of decorative grout.


With elevated standards of this material in fact comes to agreement an advantage competitively. It is not more expensive than a house built of skeleton of wood and anexterior of brick masonry, supports Andre Cossette.
In counterpart, if, in other mean of grout, we join the blocks to one another by a mean of high reliable glue, «then the price is less », he swears.
An individual who wants to have himself constructed a house or a developer of residential real estate or of co-ownership residential or other can he count on the expertise and on the product at this present time? Asking Le Soleil.
« Yes, he answers, we can supply the service and the blocks in a reasonable (normal) delay. Since, at greater reason, our plant (Clivenco) – and also with our laboratory-situated in Quebec, on Street Philipppe-Paradis. »


But how the « block 65 dB sound barrier, thermal, structural, architectural and earth-quake resistance » has it started? Ask Le Soleil to Andre Cossette
« While I was in Dubai, in 2007, a consultant of middle east ask me to imagine a block of concrete which is simple, which is absolutely not double like ordinary, for separating  the hotel rooms , with an acoustical endurance of 65 decibels », he telling.
The consultant, in either way, was well informed. He knew that M. Cossette was holder of an exclusive right on a « sound barrier underlayment product ».
« I had the idea of cutting a piece of concrete in half, in its total length side. Between the slices, I’ve put my underlayment product », he’s relating. This, with the contest of his beloved one, the Philippine Lyhieryl Pedutim Demegillo.
If the key objective was the attending of the 65 dB of acoustical sound barrier-from the naming of the block-, it needed, at same time, to accord its self to the fundamentalconstraints of countries of Middle East. So a good insulation to keep in end, the heat at distance which the needs in air conditioning, over there, are enormous and the production of electricity out of cost.


In revenge, Andre Cossette finds anachronism that the windows which, here at our place, have at its best a value of thermal resistance in (R) of 8, And, at worst, of 2,1, challenging, for example, to a wall which coefficient is at (R) 25. It’s like wearing a winter clothing « generously insulated » with, here & there, some emptinesscloses of transparent plastic.
These last shying the performance of the coat, at disadvantage of comfort. « We would want to employ ourselves making research in the goal of increasing for the matter the thermal value of these windows, is he dreaming. Knowing any how that there is an immense program.
He reminds, finally, that each 65dB block, can be section any how upon necessities, with a dept. of 8 inches, a height of 8 inches and a length of 16 inches (R15). But a depth of 10 and 12 inches for the respectable values in resistance R20 an R25. Wei th / unit : 40 pounds, minimum.
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